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Parking Payment System Upgrades


Construction began April 2024 and is scheduled to be completed at all stations by April 2025. See below for current status by station.  

Image Description: The above image shows the installation of new parking gates and payment kiosks at the entrance to the long-term parking garage at MARTA’s Lindbergh Center Station. The new machines are still wrapped in cardboard


This project is upgrading the parking equipment at MARTA’s paid long-term parking facilities at ten heavy rail stations. This includes new entry and exit gates, ticket dispensers, fee payment machines, license-plate recognition cameras, as well as all the related technology for running the system.     

This will greatly improve customer experience at our paid parking locations, by offering a more consistent and reliable process for payment. Parking rates will remain the same. 

In the future, this system will be compatible with MARTA’s Automated Fare Collection 2.0 system, which means customers will be able to pay for parking and fares through a single MARTA app on their mobile device(s).   


  • Lenox: Under construction. Daily parking still available.
  • Lindbergh: Under construction. Parking still available.
  • Medical Center:Parking deck closed June 4 to June 28, 2024. Customers may use parking decks at North Springs, Sandy Springs, Doraville, and Lindbergh Stations. 
  • Dunwoody:Parking deck closed June 10 to July 3, 2024. Customers may use parking decks at North Springs, Sandy Springs, Doraville, and Lindbergh Stations. This lot will be open on July 4, 2024, for Peachtree Road Race users and other customers. 
  • Doraville: Upcoming Construction
  • College Park: Upcoming Construction
  • Kensington:  Upcoming Construction
  • North Springs: Upcoming Construction
  • Sandy Springs: Upcoming Construction
  • Brookhaven: Upcoming Construction

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Arlen Fisher, MARTA Project Manager II