Vine City Station
 Image - Shanequa Gay
 Shanequa Gay
 'Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky'
  Media: Latex Paint on Brick
  Year: 2018
  Conservation Status: New
  Notes: This mural is one of the “Off the Wall” murals focusing on civil rights that was created for Super Bowl LII in Atlanta. Artist Shanequa Gay was inspired by compassion for Atlanta's homeless citizens. After meeting with homeless teens at Covenant House, she made a number of silhouette portraits of them which are woven into this mural. "You'll see beautiful, silhouetted figures that are puckering up and kissing." When people look at my mural, I want to draw them in with beauty but also get their attention. What I want them to take away is: Who are these people? Why is this here? And to create some problem-solving thought processes once they find out what the mural is actually about.” -- Shanequa Gay, Artist

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