Midtown Station
 Image - Andrew Catanese
 Andrew Catanese
 'Confluence: Burst Forth with A Terrific Noise'
  Media: Latex Paint on Concrete
  Year: 2018
  Conservation Status: In excellent condition
  Notes: The variety of foliage and animals living together in a pastoral landscape is meant to represent the diversity of Atlanta and the possibility of a peaceful coexistence. The painting enhances the parklike experience of the new plaza seating and lighting.
 Midtown Station
 Image - John Riddle
 John Riddle
 'The Garden of Eden, Confinement,  Forward Ever, Graffiti Sphinx'
  Media: Painted aluminum
  Year: 1982
  Conservation Status: Scheduled Cleaning Required
  Notes: Riddle's artwork brightens the space with primary colors and evocative shapes that resemble fantastical machines as much as they begin to suggest narrative forms from mythology and ancient history.

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