East Lake Station
 Image - George Mallet
 George Mallet
 'An Interplay of Curves'
  Media: aluminum
  Year: 1987
  Conservation Status: Restoration and Maintenance Needed
  Notes: The artist was inspired to juxtapose these curvilinear forms and bright colors with the monochrome of the station design. The artwork is meant to be visible both to those on the train and to those waiting in the station.
 East Lake Station
 Image - Kristine Mays
 Kristine Mays
 'Song of Soloman'
  Media: Wire
  Year: 2021
  Conservation Status: In good repair
  Notes: These pieces were created for Artbound’s Black Artists Matter collaboration with Decatur Arts Alliance. Mays creates sculpture by transforming hard rigid wire into soft flowing movement. She “creates the outer shell, the exterior of a human being, but provokes [us] to see what’s within.” - Kristine Mays

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