Decatur Station
 Image - Larry Connatser
 Larry Connatser
  Media: oil and water based latex paint
  Year: 1979
  Conservation Status: Cleaned and Restored in 2018; Next Cleaning: 2023
  Notes: It was important to the station architects that these two 40' tall murals were visible "from all points of entry" and the reflective chrome of the columns was chosen to provide even more ways to view the bright colors and shapes. The stylized landscapes of the murals suggest Atlantans' favorite vacation escapes: mountains and beach.
 Decatur Station
 Image - David Landis
 David Landis
  Media: Stainless Steel
  Year: 2020
  Conservation Status: In good repair
  Notes: This work resulted from a partnership with the Decatur Arts Alliance for the Decatur Artway Sculpture Gallery. “Papillon is an oversized endangered butterfly’s forewing. Intended to appear as a monolithic abstraction when viewed from a distance, only upon closer inspection will the viewer discover the subtle vein patterns in the wing.?"? - David Landis

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