Avondale Station
 Image - Jim Zambounis
 Jim Zambounis
  Media: molded plastic
  Year: 1979
  Conservation Status: Scheduled Cleaning Required
  Notes: The artwork's translucent design represents a stylized Georgia landscape of trees and is meant to admit colored light into the station.
 Avondale Station
 Image - Derrick Phillips Sr.
 Derrick Phillips Sr.
 'The Journey We Traveled'
  Media: Mixed media
  Year: 2021
  Conservation Status: In good repair
  Notes: This work was created for Artbound's Black Lives Matter collaboration with Decatur Arts Alliance. Phillips states the work is meant to teach and highlight individuals whose lives have helped shape the idea of what it is to be Black in America, from 1619 to the present day. This work highlights the names of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till, Barack Obama, Ruby Bridges, Maya Angelou, Shirley Chisolm, James Baldwin, Nat Turner, and Sojourner Truth.
 Avondale Station
 Image - Phil Proctor
 Phil Proctor
 'The Guide'
  Media: Steel I-Beams
  Year: 2022
  Conservation Status: In good repair
  Notes: This work resulted from a partnership with the Decatur Arts Alliance for the Decatur Artway Sculpture Gallery. “The Guide is a figurative work fabricated entirely from 8? I-beams. The figure stands in the classical contrapposto pose and holds an acrylic staff that illuminates his path through dark times.” - Phil Proctor
 Avondale Station
 Image - Jamele Wright Sr.
 Jamele Wright Sr.
  Media: Acrylic panels
  Year: 2022
  Conservation Status: Temporary Artwork
  Notes: This work was created for Artbound’s Black Artists Matter collaboration with Decatur Arts Alliance.Inspired by shapes found in graffiti, Wright used acrylic panels to create these colorful birdhouses. "Colored light through stained glass was used so people would have a closer connection to their creator’s energy, I believe it still does." - Jamele Wright Sr.

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