Ashby Station
 Image - Lev Mills
 Lev Mills
 'Labyrinth of Phoenix, Echo I and Echo II '
  Media: glass mosaic
  Year: 1979
  Conservation Status: Cleaned in 2017; Next Cleaning: 2022
  Notes: The artist hoped to introduce commuters to the neighborhood around Ashby station. The large mural on the top floor, Labyrinth of Phoenix, shows a range of symbols and illlustrates "the early home lives and the first black schools which originated here" while downstairs Echo I and II "symbolize human mood with color.
 Ashby Station
 Image - Fahamu Pecou
 Fahamu Pecou
 'The People Could Fly'
  Media: latex paint on concrete
  Year: 2018
  Conservation Status: In Good Repair
  Notes: One of four murals in the En Route program, this was the third mural in the series. The title comes from an inspirational children's story by Virginia Hamilton

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