Route 221
Memorial Drive Limited

This limited-stop weekday peak-only route operates East/West from Kensington Station to Juliette Rd. along Memorial Drive, Goldsmith Rd., Central Dr. via Park & Ride, continues along Memorial Dr., E. Ponce De Leon Ave. to Juliette Rd., turnaround.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Juliette Road @ endGoldsmith Park & RideGSU Perimeter CollegeKensington Station
-- 05:41 am05:50 am05:55 am
-- 06:11 am06:20 am06:25 am
06:31 am06:41 am06:50 am06:55 am
07:01 am07:11 am07:20 am07:25 am
07:31 am07:41 am07:50 am07:55 am
08:01 am08:11 am08:20 am08:25 am
08:31 am08:41 am08:50 am08:55 am
09:01 am09:11 am09:20 am09:25 am
04:02 pm04:09 pm04:19 pm04:25 pm
04:32 pm04:39 pm04:49 pm04:55 pm
05:02 pm05:09 pm05:19 pm05:25 pm
05:32 pm05:39 pm05:49 pm05:55 pm
06:02 pm06:09 pm06:19 pm06:25 pm
Kensington Station GSU Perimeter CollegeGoldsmith Park & RideJuliette Road @ end
06:05 am06:12 am06:25 am06:31 am
06:35 am06:42 am06:55 am07:01 am
07:05 am07:12 am07:25 am07:31 am
07:35 am07:42 am07:55 am08:01 am
08:05 am08:12 am08:25 am08:31 am
08:35 am08:42 am08:55 am09:01 am
03:35 pm03:43 pm03:56 pm04:02 pm
04:05 pm04:13 pm04:26 pm04:32 pm
04:35 pm04:43 pm04:56 pm05:02 pm
05:05 pm05:13 pm05:26 pm05:32 pm
05:35 pm05:43 pm05:56 pm06:02 pm
06:05 pm06:13 pm06:26 pm --
06:35 pm06:43 pm06:56 pm --